Akash Dube Foundation
Akash Dube Foundation was founded last 2013 by Ravi Dube. The Akash Dube Foundation is a charitable institution in honor of the late Akash Dube which aims to give all out support for cancer research and rural education of orphaned and disabled children. Presently, the foundation is supporting 3,756 kids and it aims to help around 100,000 students thus giving them hope for a better and brighter future.

The Akash Dube Foundation also actively support basic cancer research at various universities worldwide in search for a complete cure to cancer under the banner, “Today’s research is tomorrows cure”, exact words from Akash himself. 
Ravi is a self made man. He first came into the UAE last 1985 to work as Factory Manager for Al Kabeer, a value added meat company. After almost 3 years, he decided to move on and transferred to BANZ, a logistic, storage, trading and food stuff manufacturing company located in Bahrain as General Manager. After a year of serving BANZ, he decided to come back to the UAE and started his own business, the Fanar Group of Companies in 1989.

Who is Dr. Ravi Dube?
Ravi is from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. He graduated in Agri (Hons with a record 4/4 GPA) JNKUV and in Food Tech CFTRI (United National University). Owner/President Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School, Harvard University and has a PhD from the European Continental University. A Food Technologist by profession, he is a member of the Association of Food Scientist & Technology (AFST-INDIA) and Institution of Food Technologist (IFS-USA). Ravi has an extraordinary interest in Technology and Research which he has incorporated into his business and every undertaking he sets his mind into thus Fanar Research was established. He is a motor sport hobbyist on the lighter side. As of the moment he has set a keen interest in cancer research and free rural education for the less fortunate children.

Fanar Group of Companies
Fanar Al Khaleej is a multifaceted food company in the UAE. It is a One-Stop-Shop whose primary objective is to be of service to the food industry. They are into food ingredients, food engineering, industrial/commercial refrigeration, modified atmosphere storage, product development up to basic research at molecular level in improving human health. They have always been a major player in the food industry in MEANA, India, CIS and Russia. “Connecting Food with Technology” is their slogan and that’s the driving force behind their continuous search for innovative solutions.