Himanshu Daycare center
In the year 2010, two Dutch girls- Ms. Anouschka Wehman and Ms. Amanda Thijssen, visited Ghana for volunteer work. The time they spent there, made them fall in love with the country, its people and their culture. But both were immensely moved by the appalling living conditions of these endearing people.

That’s when they decided to spend more months in this country & during this time came in contact with the Aldersgate Foundation. It is a Ghanaian small scale foundation, which runs several projects for the less fortunate in the country. They initiated a project to start, a nursery for the children in Kona called the “Hamashiah Daycare Center”.

This included the purchase of necessary equipment long with renovation of the dilapidated building- changing the roofs, constructing stronger walls, proving chairs, tables, blackboard, etc. The nursery which started with 10 now has 40 children- who attend the nursery daily from 9.00 PM-15.30 PM - not only to play, but also to get lessons in counting, colors, nature study and the human body.

In 2012, the two girls went back to Ghana and had the opportunity more closely involved with workings of 'Hamashiah Daycare Center'. They managed to include a lot of development-oriented material and explained its significance to the local teachers. A handbook was written for teachers- to guide them about the schedule & the development-oriented activities, explain.   
The 'Hamashiah Daycare Center' now falls under the Akash Dube Foundation. This non-profit organization is totally committed to provide all help for needy children and has taken up different projects to ensure that children get a strong foundation which will ensure a better future for them. Children whose parents cannot afford fees for schools or children who end up in orphanages owing to extreme poverty are sheltered this day care center.