Library at Ekjut - Bhopal
On 14th August 2013, the eve of independence day, Akash Dube Foundation inaugurated the second library in unique family of 26 children in Bhopal called Ek Jut. An almirah, along with books for all ages was contributed. This was done with the support of Eklavya School team Bhopal. A small clip on Akash’s life was shown to inspire the youngsters to join in cancer awareness and support and there was some interest particularly among the older children. It also transpired that Dr. Umesh Dixit’s mother (Dr. Dixit is the person who has established and manages this family) has also been recently diagnosed of cancer.

Thereafter, children were read out a story written by a village kid on the independence-day function, which they all enjoyed and then read more books.

Ek Jut is a family of 26 young boys and girls, aged 6 to 20+, children orphaned or abandoned or from difficult family circumstances, whom Dr. Umesh Dixit’s family has taken under their wing. These children study in different schools and colleges, from class 1 to engineering and arts colleges.

This household is run in a totally voluntary way without any formal grant funding. Dr. Dixit appeals for whatever is needed and gets the support of young and old to contribute in terms of time, effort, kind and if necessary money. The children manage all the facilities from cleaning to cooking etc. With no other adult except for Dr. Dixit’s family who stays downstairs. It is a spic and span well managed place.

This is a group which Akash would have loved – all kinds of children some mischievous, some quiet. When we asked them whether they have done some mischief, most children’s eyes lighted up. They have promised to write and draw about their pranks and mischief. The older children have also shown interest in cancer awareness and support.

Two film videos on Spiderman and Home Alone were left with them for the older and younger kids to watch – Akash loved super heroes and funny films – so we got these for the kids.