Friends of Tribal Society
Established on, January 15, 1989 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act of 1961, Friends of Tribal Society (FTS) is a non-government social service organization dedicated to the cause of tribal and rural upliftment. Founded by a group of eminent social activists, the motto of FTS is not only to improve the socio-economic condition of the tribal society but also to free them from the clutches of deprivation that have for so long hindered the progress of the entire community.

The founders firmly believed that until and unless our Vanavasi brethren were brought back to the prosperity, India could not establish itself as a true superpower. For the last two decades FTS has followed an approach of spreading literacy, providing health-care services, various programmes for their economic development and socio-cultural advancement.

Economic and political exploitation and denial of the very basic amenities of life for long have left the entire tribal society handicapped and helpless. Since its inception FTS has stressed on the importance of education to bring about any change or development. It is education that empowers people, develops a sense of confidence and fraternity amongst them and gives them the courage to resist exploitation. To accomplish the primary aim of eradicating illiteracy, the Friends of Tribal Society started a unique project Ekal Vidyalaya Yojna in 1989 in the rural and tribal areas of Gumla district of Jharkhand. This project is presently functioning in 46966 villages, through 46966 schools by FTS and its sister organizations and a total number of about 13,35,078 tribal children are covered by the project as on December 2012.